Frustrated Manufacturers Using QuickBooks
Enterprise Inventory Reporting

Want an Easy Report from QuickBooks Inventory
that Tells You Exactly What You Need to Build?

Now you can get the perfect report
from QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting
that could pay for itself in just the first month.

You want a simple Assembly
Report that tells you:

What Components You Have On-Hand

What You Can Build from On-Hand Materials

What Subassemblies You Have On-Hand

Which Parts You Need to Order to Fulfill Open Purchase Orders

If you’re frustrated by how difficult this has
been to figure out, you’re not alone

Our clients describe it as “absolute madness”. But the good news is you
can now have accurate assembly reporting at your fingertips.


It is a QBAR Report, so there's no need to go
through the headache of switching to a different
Inventory management system.

Maybe the scenario
will sound familiar to you…

You get in a big order, which seems great.

But one of your employees spend days sitting in front of a computer pouring over QuickBooks inventory to figure out what you need to make.

Then that person has to manually create purchase orders for those needed parts.

And you know, despite their best efforts to be accurate, you’re going to have anywhere up to 20-30% overbuild.

"You’ve probably thought"

“There has got to be an easier way!”

Maybe you looked at fancy and complicated software that offered you a zillion tools. But you just need a handful that actually give you what you need. Perhaps you even bought a $25k software that promised to solve all your problems.

You then immediately had fun with:

Mind-numbing worry that you might lose your key software person.

Combing the unwieldy 1000-page manual for hours just to run a simple P&L.

Go ahead and press the “easy button”
below and end this madness.

We know that when you can’t trust your inventory,
cashflow is nearly impossible to manage.

And you’re losing out on business you would otherwise get
if you could turn the orders around faster.

It takes too long to configure an order.

Which means a long lag time in your production.

So, you can’t fulfill the orders fast enough.

If you feel like it's a nightmare trying to figure out what you need
to build from QuickBooks, we have a solution for you.

We have an assembly reporting software that works with your QuickBooks
Enterprise Advanced Reporting to give you immediate insight into:

The components and subassemblies that you have on hand

Exactly what you can build with what you have on hand

And what you need to order

This means that you're not going to have
any overbuild to worry about.

You're going to get accurate reporting on
up to five levels deep of subassemblies.

And depending on the level of customization you require, it’s only
going to cost you about three to four thousand dollars.

Just imagine what life might be like
when accurate reporting is that easy!


People love our report.
See some of the stories.

“This software is a huge money-maker for our company. There’s just no other way for me to look at it.

Before that, it was absolute madness and a nightmare just trying to figure out what we needed to build.

I spent about six working days’ worth of time on the phone with QuickBooks, trying to find an easy way to get the data we needed. I bought $25k software that promised to “solve all the problems,” but that ended up being a waste of money.

Since I started using the software at the end of 2018, we’ve slashed the time it takes for us to produce a complete and accurate production list by over 90%. Purchase orders that would have previously taken us a week and a half just to configure are now ready to roll in less than a day. And whereas we always had 30-40% overbuild before, now that has been virtually cut to zero.

I credit the use of this software to a $150k positive swing on our P&L from one year to the next. We are way more efficient than we have ever been. The software is so efficient that our throughput has been crazy high, and that’s with one less part-time and two less full-time employees. Plus, this software is so easy to use. I can train a new guy on it in less than an hour – no more worry about losing the key employee who manages build calculations.

Before using this software, managing cash flow was an absolute disaster, but as soon as I found I could trust the software, I was able to start believing my cash flow, and that has made all the difference in the world.

I can’t recommend this software more highly to any manufacturing company looking for a simple report that tells them “what we need to build” in no time.”

Paul Harrell


You could be doing the same.
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How to check if you are a good fit?

If you’re using QuickBooks to manage your inventory,
but you just want a simple solution that tells you:

Which components or subassemblies you already have on hand

What you can build from what you have on hand

What you need to order

We will be happy to set you up with a demo so you can
try the software and make sure it works before
you even invest your money.